New Inflatable Park Opens In Nottingham

Planet Bounce on Huntingdon Street (near to Aldi) behind the Intu Victoria Centre (map) has transformed itself from a trampoline park into a brand new inflatable theme park!

I was one of the first people to be invited along to try it, and had a great time. Unbelievably, according to Fitbit I burned over 900 kcals in just 30 minutes jumping around, running up slopes, sliding down slides, and generally bouncing. That makes it one of the most intense exercises ever!

I went along with a couple of friends and we all worked up a sweat, agreeing that an hour would be plenty of time to try it all several times if you have the energy!

Afterwards you can enjoy a drink and a snack at the cafe, and there are clean toilet facilities provided. There are also changing areas and lockers provided where you can store your belongings.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to explain everything better for first time visitors, including perhaps a map of the facility, and a list of rules because we did see a child fly through the air and he landed OK but it could have easily resulted in an injury – his parents might not have seen the rules on the TV screens in the cafe area that said “no diving”. We didn’t see them either until we finished and was putting our shoes back on.

The cost is £9.99 per person normally when you book online in advance, or on Sunday nights there is a dark version with louder music for £13.99 per person for 2 hours starting at 6pm with a free drink included. If you pay on the door there is an extra £2 per person so I highly recommend booking in advance.

Parking is just round the corner at the nearby NCP Car Park (best value for money locally).

Let us all know about your experience in the reply section below!

More info: Planet Bounce Inflatable Park Nottingham Official Website.