Nottingham City Council Crack Down On Junk Food

According to Nottingham Insight, obesity and diabetes in Nottingham is a growing problem, and it’s making alarm bells ring for the City Council’s Health & Wellbeing Board who say that a third of all illness in Nottingham is caused by obesity.

To attempt to reverse the tide, Nottingham City Council intend to stop granting so many takeaways planning permission, and control the number of new takeaways that open.

The sheer number of takeaways in Nottingham now is astounding, and the city is buzzing with takeaway delivery services, including the popular Deliveroo service that delivers restaurant food to people’s homes and offices in the city and surrounding areas.

Statistics show that all those takeaways aren’t doing us any good. Both obesity rates, and diabetes rates are increasing in Nottingham. Poor diets being the main culprit.

It’s not just Nottingham though where there is a problem that’s being caused by our increasingly busy lifestyles. Throughout the United Kingdom, most people would benefit from improving their diets.

  • Children 18 and younger are particularly at risk of obesity, especially those from lower income families.
  • Adults 65 and over who are living in care homes are also at greater risk of obesity, as are black and ethnic minority groups.

The reason that lower income families are at greater risk of obesity is mainly due to diet, consuming more white bread, full fat milk, table sugar, and processed meat, than higher income families who tend to eat more fruit and vegetables, salads, wholegrain cereals, and oily fish.

Many of the people who do have the opportunity to influence other people’s food choices are not necessarily trained in healthy diets. So when you eat out at a takeaway, the chef in the kitchen is not thinking about your waist line, rather he is thinking about your taste buds.

It can be hard to find healthy food choices, and it’s not always possible to cook every meal from scratch, so of course takeaways are a very popular option that provides tasty food, at a reasonable cost – but for some of us who are eating them too often, they are costing us our health!

Malnutrition is so bad in Nottingham that rickets has re-emerged in some of the population, and there is evidence that Vitamin D deficiency is also widespread.

Eating a takeaway now and then won’t hurt, but if people are eating takeout food all the time there is a risk of malnutrition and obesity.

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