Nottingham Fire & Rescue Service Come Out As Being Gay-Friendly

The Nottinghamshire & City of Nottingham Fire & Rescue Authority met on 27th January to discuss new plans that will make their workforce more friendly towards minority groups such as gay and lesbian employees.

The meeting was held at Bestwood Lodge where it was stated that the service currently employ 12 people who class themselves as being gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Equalities training is given to all new starters in the Service, as well as all existing employees, and managers. It ensures that there is no discrimination based on ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability within the Service.

Not only that, but the Service has measures in place to monitor the selection, recruitment, and retention of staff from different ethnicities, and sexual orientations to ensure that there are no incidents of discrimination – even any that might have otherwise gone unreported.

So if you are gay or lesbian, disabled, or black and you fancy being a fire fighter, visit to learn more about the career opportunities that are available.