The Robin Hood Statue – Location & History

No visit to Nottingham is complete without a photo at the Robin Hood statue, which is located right outside the Nottingham Castle entrance.

You can take your photo next to it for free, as millions of people have done – including several famous people and celebrities including the singer Cilla Black, football manager Brian Clough, news reader Jan Leeming

The statue was first unveiled on 24th July 1952 by the Duchess of Portland, at its current site.

Nearby, you will also find small figures of Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan A Dale and Will Scarlett, which are names you will know well if you’ve read the tales of Robin Hood, and his band of merry men.

The statue was designed by James Woodford, and commissioned by a local business tycoon named Philip E F Clay, who ran Elastic Yards Ltd and Fine Wires Ltd.

At the time it was commissioned the statue cost £5,000. It was presented to the City of Nottingham to commemorate the visit of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh during the city’s quincentenary celebrations.

The story goes that the donor wished to stay anonymous, but the council talked him out of it, and honoured him during the celebrations.

The sculptor went to great lengths to research Robin Hood, and it is believed that the statue is an accurate depiction of what Robin looked like.

The position of the statue symbolises how Robin was an outsider to the establishment, as it is placed outside of the castle walls.

Where to find the Robin Hood statue:

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