UberEATS Nottingham just launched. Get £5 off your first order.

UberEATS Nottingham launched today, and you can save £5 off your first order with this coupon code:


The innovative (and often controversial) UBER company who you will know from the popular taxi cab service have just launched their new “Uber Eats” service in the fabulous city of Nottingham.

It works in a very similar way to Deliveroo. You can browse local takeaways, place your order via the UberEATS mobile app (search the app store for UberEATS), and a driver will deliver your takeaway to your home.

You don’t need cash because as with the Uber taxi app, your card will be charged for the delivery (minus the £5 off using the code above).

Nottingham is the 6th city in the UK to get the UberEATS service. The other cities that it has launched in previously are London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Takeaways in Nottingham already registered with the service include Barburrito, Rub Smokehouse, Dessert Mania, Palms Cafe, Champion Crepes, Cookieshake Cafe, French Living, Singhs, Boozy Bones, Spice Hut, Lavash, Blend, and Desi Downtown.

So now you can have your favourite meals delivered from some restaurants that previously didn’t offer delivery – for example Desi Downtown have never delivered, and they have never taken card payments before – you usually had to order and collect, paying cash only.

We shall see how well the Uber drivers manage to deliver takeaways in Nottingham. Please share your experiences using the reply section below, we would love to hear how they do.